Friday, July 23, 2010

Photo Friday

We made a brief visit to the James River at Pony Pasture Rapids this week and got a few pictures. Unfortunately, the terrain there is so uneven and slippery that I was terrified to take my camera very far beyond the shore! In these pictures, the girls are having a blast throwing rocks into the river and asking Albanie to fetch them.

throwing the rock into the river..I love how this picture makes it look like the rock is levitating above ella's hand

pointing at the rock and asking if albee will pease get it

albanie happily obliging the rock throwing toddlers by wading into the super-slippery, algae-covered rocks

again....not twins...

Since we're on a river theme here (and all the above pictures look very similar), I thought I'd throw in some photos from a trip to another river, the Potomac River, earlier in the summer. Such a different terrain and experience!

using a shell as a shovel...what fun!

ella admiring the water from afar

 dani is so adventurous in the water...she had no issue wading on her own

Here's to a beautiful weekend filled with adventure!


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