Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Ragamuffin Witch/Fairy Skirt - Now with photos!

Edit - Now with pics! 

On a recent trip to the Children's Museum of Richmond the girls came across these amazing dress up props.  They were a sheer stretchy nylon fabric with 2 layers split in opposite places...which made them very versatile as playthings!  They made great skirts when worn around the waist and equally wonderful "jackets" when worn around the arms in a backpack-ish fashion.  They had an amazing time running around...behind the curtain and out the sides in surprising ways.  They looked very much like a pair of raggedy witchlings!  It was adorable!

Because they both enjoyed them so much I decided that I had to make my own usual!  The problem was finding the fabric....and then actually SEWING it.

Yeah...they really aren't twins...

Choosing Fabric

It's a good call to go with a knit on this project so you don't have to worry about it raveling...a big part of their charm is the little runs and tears that appear through use so you kinda want it to go a little nuts and ragged on the edges.  Any knit would work...even old t-shirts could be Frankensteined into a skirt...but the closest thing I could find to the fabric of the originals was "athletic mesh".  I found it at Joann's for $10 a yard...and of course I forgot my coupon.  Doh!  No clue what it's used for.  Perhaps for skating outfits or something?  Anyway...the one downside is it is a bitch in a half to sew! time I may go with a normal cotton knit just to avoid sewing on the mesh.

Although...please note that I am LAZY.  I don't like changing needles, thread, or presser I probably could have avoided all the trouble by looking at my manual and changing some stuff around!  Don't be lazy and cause yourself headaches like I do....just a word of advice!  Ha!

The Ragamuffin Witch/Fairy Dress-Up Skirt Written Tutorial

You will need:

1 and 1/4 yards of fabric that does NOT ravel
Elastic for the waist

1) Cut your fabric piece into 4ths.

2) Pin 2 pieces together and sew 5 inches down the short sides to for a tube.  Do this with the other 2 pieces as well.

3) Put the 2 tubes into one another so the seams are at 4 separate points.

4) Fold over both layers to make a casing that will accommodate the size of your elastic.

5) Thread elastic through the casing in an appropriate length for your child's waist.

6) Close the casing and you're done!

If you wish, you can use 2 different pieces of fabric for a multicolored skirt...or even 4 or more pieces for something really wild!


Dani wasn't having anything to do with trying this thing on tonight...but I will update with pictures as soon as I have them!

I got pictures!  FINALLY!

She is wearing a turquoise mesh playskirt (which is slightly too big in the waist so I tied it up with a kool-aid dyed playsilk), a funky star/moon skirt from some old fabric that used to hang in my doorway as a teen, and a knitted calorimetry.

What a happy girl. <3


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