Monday, July 26, 2010

An Unschooling Moment

 Today we met my mother for lunch.  It was in the afternoon which meant a completely dead Pizza Hut in a small town.  Dani is a pizza fanatic right now!  It's one of the words we now have to spell out in front of her or else she runs around yelling "Pee-See!  Pee-See!" and looking for it.  "Stroller", "naked", and "shower" also have to be spelled out for similar reasons.

After lunch we stopped by the Dollar General.  Dani enjoyed hiding in the racks while Mom and I looked around.  We made our purchases and headed outside....

Where I saw THIS:

You can see Dani's reflection in the glass...

WOW!  It was huge!  Maybe 6 inches wide and looked so much like a fall leaf...

My mother's words were "this is a homeschool moment!....well....I guess it's an unschooling moment too."

Yes, Mom.  Haha!  Can you tell she isn't fond of the term?

I tried to get a photo of Dani with it...but that didn't really work when I was holding her...

It's times likes this I wish Dani was not-quite-2 she doesn't exactly get what she's looking at here.  It didn't move so I imagine she was wondering "what is mama so excited about???" 

If she were a bit older, or if I'd had my hands free, I would have whipped out ye olde Droid and looked up what sort of amazing moth this was.  It has this furry yellow body!  I wondered what it felt like...but I didn't want to hurt it.

Nature is everywhere!  Even at the Dollar General!



  1. That is gorgeous! It look a little work, but I identified it for you. It's an Imperial Moth:

    Who knew that moth identification could be so difficult???

  2. Your absolutely right, nature *is* everywhere! What an incredible find!!

  3. I just love that the three generations of women stopped and marveled at the beautiful moth. So many would have rushed past headed to the parking lot without taking the time to marvel together. A "Love" moment! :)

  4. That is one big moth. Lucky you. It looks so pretty. You never know, Dani may talk about it again in a few days.

  5. perfect~ got to love these moments - school or no school!

  6. I love big moths. Its a male imperial moth. I looked it up in my insect guide, wouldn't know any other names other than the luna moth. Very cool.