Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flower Child

On a recent trip to the Potomac River, Dani got to see a swan.  It got pretty close too, which rocked!  Honestly, I'm not to fond of swans myself...they are MEAN.  Don't mess with them, they will attack you...and those suckers are BIG!
Dani enjoyed the wind in her hair.  She loves the boat...but not having to wear a lifejacket!  
My favorite part of the day was spent in my mother's flower garden.  It's a large circle in their sideyard full of roses, purple cone flowers, daisies, herbs, etc.  My mother has a greenhouse and gardening is one of her few remaining hobbies. 
Dani picked several bouquets of flowers!  She is now obsessed with flowers...she brought them in the car with us on the way home and plucked most of the petals.
I need to find my flower press...or make another one!  (a tutorial to make perhaps???)

At home we had a frozen limeade cup.  What a lovely day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Quiet Week

It's looking to be a quiet week here on Not Twins. Amanda is doing a 3-day potty learning program with Ella which requires they go hermit for the duration (from what I hear via text, so far so good!)....and I am without a working camera (due to another bout of the dread "lens-error"). I also fail at being particularly creative at the moment. Boo! Hiss! Dani, however, is creative as ever. I snapped a rather poor-quality photo with my Droid while she was enthralled with a bit of marker-carnage. I looked away for a moment only to find she has given herself dual half-sleeves. My budding tattoo artist perhaps? It looked like fun, so I joined her.

This weekend the Children's Museum of Richmond had a poorly advertised "breastfeeding celebration" in honor of World Breastfeeding Week. Sadly I didn't have Dani's "I LIKE TO NURSE" shirt ready in time for it...but she still had a wonderful time playing outside in the waterplay area. I also got a new hospital mug out of it...which I was THRILLED with.
I'm quite thrilled with the outcome of the glue batik process...mind you this is the second attempt on a shirt that has been sitting almost-done for over a month! The first time it came out way too light and was difficult to read.

And just another random shot of my little hippie-child. <3