Thursday, July 29, 2010

Magical Playsilks

There's nothing quite like a line full of playsilks blowing in the breeze.  Silks have to be one of the most versatile playthings in our homes!  They become blankets, skirts, scarves, capes, the walls of a fort, an ocean, a meadow, or simply something to play peekaboo with.

Buying silks predyed can be a bit pricey, but dying your own is cheap, easy, and a lot of fun!

Undyed silk scarves can be purchased cheaply from Dharma Trading and can be dyed easily using Kool-Aid or food coloring, hot water, and some vinegar.

The Process

First we soaked the silks in bowls of hot water and vinegar.

 In a separate pan we mixed warm/hot water, vinegar, and 8 packets of Koolaid (for 2 regular sized silks and 3 or 4 hankie sized silks).

Pretty reminds me of the planet Neptune...

Now add the silks...

Stir and squish it around till the silk is evenly saturated with color.

Let the silks soak in the dye for 2 minutes.  You'll know they're done when the liquid loses most of its color and takes on a milky appearance.

In the case of purple it did NOT lose much we eyeballed it.

Rinse the silks in cold water to remove any excess dye.  This was a good step to involve the kids in... least till they lose interest!  We finished up the rest.

Meanwhile, Dani and Ella decided to do some finger painting in the yard.  Gotta love the country!

Dani was her own canvas.

Hanging them out to dry

Aren't they lovely!

It was a nice breezy day...perfect for photos!

Now for some play...


  1. love your documentation! the scarves blowing in the wind was lovely!

  2. beautiful! Some of our favorite things!

  3. How beautiful! beautiful scarves to go with two beautiful girls miss them so very much.

    Love ya
    Gmaw jackie

  4. You make it look Achievable! I hope dharma trading deliver to Australia. I love the colours you choose too!!

  5. so great! Makes me wonder about drinking koolaid though - not that we have it here! Great pics - thanks for sharing - I have some silk waiting for hemming and dying - one day one day...

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Messyfish - It IS achievable! We are sooooo not organized people. If it wasn't such an easy project, it would have never happened!

    Umatji - Yeah, I was creeped out by the white water left over.