Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flower Child

On a recent trip to the Potomac River, Dani got to see a swan.  It got pretty close too, which rocked!  Honestly, I'm not to fond of swans myself...they are MEAN.  Don't mess with them, they will attack you...and those suckers are BIG!
Dani enjoyed the wind in her hair.  She loves the boat...but not having to wear a lifejacket!  
My favorite part of the day was spent in my mother's flower garden.  It's a large circle in their sideyard full of roses, purple cone flowers, daisies, herbs, etc.  My mother has a greenhouse and gardening is one of her few remaining hobbies. 
Dani picked several bouquets of flowers!  She is now obsessed with flowers...she brought them in the car with us on the way home and plucked most of the petals.
I need to find my flower press...or make another one!  (a tutorial to make perhaps???)

At home we had a frozen limeade cup.  What a lovely day!

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